Why it’s Good to Know how to Code

Computer programing stands for a professional title, but I find that many other professional areas require programing knowledge as one of the skills. Even though the job description does not clearly states that programing skills are required, knowing core-programming languages became a competitive differentiation. With the development of technology, social media and online platforms, coding is a technical skill that can push a marketer, communicator, or a journalist at the top of the job applicant list.


Photo Credit – Yuko Honda (Flickr)

I had the pleasure to learn about a project / platform development that will teach journalist how to code. During a field trip to Stanford, we talked to Cindy Royal, an associate Professor of Journalism at Texas State University, who is observing computer science students in Stanford as part of a fellowship. She is interested in pushing programing into a journalism curriculum. In summary from her presentation of the subject, coding is a new skill to know. It will be easier and more efficient to know programing basics to do the job, without asking for help from the IT or the engineering employee.

Women are also encouraged to enroll in software engineering to balance the number of men in the field. I learned about various groups that support women in tech, such as Women who Code and Ladies in Tech. There are academies, which provide software engineering workshops and courses just for women. For example the Hackbright Academy is a fellowship for women that learn core-coding programs in 12 weeks and introduced to companies in Silicon Valley. Partner companies in the academy are Facebook, Pinterest, Survey Monkey and more… There is even a scholarship provided by Facebook to mothers who are interested in the workshop.

For those who are new to coding and think about incorporating programing languages into their career. Here is a useful article by Rebecca Hiscott in Mashable about useful programing languages. Description of the most useful programing languages in a blog topic on it’s own. You are welcome to follow my blog to learn more about programing and how programing will be used in the marketing communications field.