UNR Tech Connect bringing Startups and Students together!

Can Reno be the next innovative ecosystem? By looking at the local startup development in downtown, the surrounding area and the talent at the University of Nevada – Reno has a great chance of building an innovative community. A group of graduate journalism students at UNR recognized the need of a connection between the startup community and the university. Students, members of the startup community and the faculty of UNR all agreed that a communication channel between the two will be beneficial for a future of a better economy.

UNRTC_Square_Social Media

Photo Credit – UNR Tech Connect and Reynolds School of Journalism, UNR.

UNR Tech Connect is dedicated to provide information and engage in events that will minimize the gap between the startup community to students and between other local communities.  There are two main ways of interaction between the tech community to students at UNR. One way is personal interaction in engaging events and the other one is following up-to-date news about local startups and development of different communities.

There is an emerging startup community centered geographically around First Street in downtown Reno. Key members of the startup companies located in that area, which is called the Startup Row were excited to participate in a first event of connectivity The Biggest Little Startup Fair is a career fair that will be held at the Marketplace in downtown on May 9th. Fifteen startup companies will be presenting job and internship opportunities at this open event. The event is also supported by EDAWN, The City of Reno, and few sponsors.

The event and other tech news will be notified on UNRTechConnect.com – a site that is managed by graduate journalism students from Reynolds School of Journalism.

Here is a quote from the About Us page from the website:

“UNR Tech Connect provides information and news about the local tech startup community. This website will also serve as a notification center for events organized by members of the local startup community.”

Current and future event information is available on the site, along with an interactive tech map and directory.

 UNR Tech Connect is also engaging with students and startup members on social media. The group is hosting weekly Twitter chats that focus on tech subjects and what’s happening in the local communities. Participating in those chats is a great way to meet students, local entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

More information is available on the Twitter by following @UNR_TechConnect.

I encourage students, startup personnel and local business owners to follow UNRTEchConnect.com. As more people will engage in local development and news about innovation and entrepreneurship in the city of Reno, the goal of becoming the next innovative ecosystem will get closer.


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