Who are the Users of Social Media News?

Here are few facts that prove that most adults in the United States are using social media. It’s not just a place to connect with the community and to find the reflection of your identity. Many use social media as a source of news. In fact, during braking news events, social media post become handy for journalist to find details and current information about the event. People are tired of traditional news sources as they’re tired of traditional advertising. On social media and online search, people can find the story of their interest without flipping pages. It’s all about a matter of time; we just don’t have the time to consume information that we don’t truly care about.

Here are some facts about the users of social media in the United States. Those facts are taken from a research conducted by the Pew Research Center.

  •  62% of adults use social media
  • 60% are using Facebook
  • 19% – Linkedin
  • 18% – Pinterest
  • 15% – Twitter
  • 2% – Reddit

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 9.12.01 PM

Facebook is the largest social network in the US and half of it’s users get the news on the site. While the percentage of Twitter users is lower, the news readers on this site are half of the visitors. On Reddit 62% of the users read the news on the site. Youtube also plays a role in news delivery; 50% of the adults use the site and 10% read the news.

Detailed demographics of social media users and news readers can be found in this report – News Use Across Social Media Platform conducted by Pew Research Center.

There is human voice, a personalized voice in social media postings during the time of braking news. Not only the readers are getting news on social media sites, but also journalists are looking for news sources. Twitter serves as a popular tool for news sourcing by using the Advanced Search Tool. The key is to search for words that witnesses would use, such as: My on Train. The fact that people are on social media, not just to interact with friends, but for other reasons such as news gathering. That means that every company should be present on social media because that’s where people spend their time.

Are you interested in facts about social media users today? I will be posting similar articles in my future blogs…




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