Surprise me with Humor and Interactive Creativity – Great Guerrilla Marketing Ads

When one is struck by an element of surprise, this moment stays in the memory for a long time. Guerrilla marketing ads must be unique and with a taste of imagination. It is clear that people are tired from traditional advertising and being talked at. Social media marketing becomes handy today because it encourages conversation. Guerrilla marketing also operates on a personal, social manner. An unexpected activity leaves a stronger impression and deepens the roots between a company and a potential consumer. Jay Conrad Levinson defined Guerrilla Marketing in his book in 1984 and more guerrilla marketing definitions are available on his website.

The main principle of this marketing technique is to yield the maximum results at the lowest cost possible. That is why this marketing technique was designed for small businesses with small budget. Big companies also adapted the guerrilla marketing and some companies do a brilliant job. Since people are tired from traditional advertising, creative and personalized marketing works well for the big sharks. Guerrilla marketing can leave a more positive impression than  social media marketing for the large companies. Nobody pays attention to large company’s advertisement on the side of their Facebook page. It works for businesses that target consumers demographically or geographically.

Here are few examples of how large companies create ROI from guerrilla marketing in fun ways:

3331504998_c345310c4e_o1 – Large graphic print for Frontline – a flea medicine.

From above this huge print of an itching lab creates an imaginary view that the people walking on the ad look like fleas. That is a great ad from the perspective of the image and a good joke always stays in the memory.




2 – IKEA – Billy shelf in Bondi Beach Australia

For the 30th anniversary of the Billy shelf – IKEA’s top selling item, IKEA set up a display of the largest Billy shelf on the beach in 2010. The random setting, the red color on the sand and books available for grab from the shelf created a buzz about this ad as one of the most creative guerrilla marketing campaigns.



3 – Coke’s dancing vending machine

Coca-Cola is known to be one of the entertainers when it comes to guerrilla marketing. Their actions evolve games, dancing competitions that come as a surprise, while customers purchase drinks at Coke’s vending machines. The following video from 2012 of a dancing vending machine at a Korean shopping mall created huge excitement from the youngsters and rewarded them with a free drink. Click here to see the video!

Those companies successfully launched those campaigns with yield ROI because they all followed the elements of guerrilla marketing. They were set up in surprising locations in an interactive way with the audience. Those ads encouraged positive response from the audience based on humor and playful atmosphere. Those creative ways of advertisement will stay in someone’s memory and will be transferred as a story to their friends. Creativity and fun interaction with the audience is a key in modern guerrilla marketing and in social media marketing practices.

What funny guerrilla marketing did you see recently? Please share in comments…


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