Tahoe PaddleBoarding – Lifestyle and Adventure!

Today I want to talk about branding products as lifestyle. Companies that sell lifestyle products target an audience with a need of identity and belonging to a cultural group. We can see lifestyle purchases in technology, luxury cars, fashion and designer products, and sport equipment. Companies that market lifestyle product often relate to that consumer identity.  We can see that relation in outdoor products where both the customer and the founding innovators live an active, healthy and extreme lifestyle.


 Tahoe defiantly is a center to an outdoor cultural lifestyle. Skiing and snowboarding take place in the winter, camping and kayaking in the summer, but my favorite outdoor sports is paddle boarding. The feeling of cruising on top of various shades of blue of Lake Tahoe is truly magical. Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) started taking off in 2005 and standup paddle boarding for flat-water developed in Tahoe in 2009. It’s a sport of fitness, fun and adventure that fits for all family members – kids, adults and even dog lovers can cruise with their four-legged friend.

My favorite local brand is the Lake Shore PaddleBoard Company, which is an innovator company of that sport and lifestyle. Their boards designed for flat-water lakes, rivers and the open ocean water. With a sharp vertical shape, those boards designed for better balance and gliding with speed. Standup paddle boarding became the most popular sport in Tahoe during the summer. Racing events take place all over the lake.  A good spot to see paddle-boarding lifestyle in action Race the Lake of the Sky in South Lake Tahoe, coming up ion the end of June.

lakeshore 5What makes paddle-boarding a catchy lifestyle is that it fits all ages that live in outdoorsy areas and it’s family friendliness. On the other hand it is a competitive sport for advanced athletes.  It’s a satisfying sport because you can get from one destination to another while enjoying the sun, water and the view. That is a win-win situation when nature, fun and fitness are combined. Follow my blog if you’re interested to hear more about fun product, interesting people and events. Looking forward for the summer!


3 thoughts on “Tahoe PaddleBoarding – Lifestyle and Adventure!

  1. Hi Alexandra, I always seem to see paddle-boarders cruising around Carnelian Bay up at Tahoe, it is definitely something I want to try. I never thought of bringing my dog out on the board as well. Do you know of any group lessons or excursions that would be good for a first-timer?

    • Hi Kurt,
      Thank you for checking out my blog. It’s not that popular cruising with your dog, but I’ve seen people doing it. My dog still needs more practicing 🙂
      Honestly, that’s an easy sport that you can learn yourself. You can rent a board in multiple shops in Tahoe. Choose a day with calm weather – windy days make the water choppy and hard for balance. You can start paddling, while standing on your knees in the center of the board. After you get the balancing idea, just stand up and go. You can also demo a board during the race events in Tahoe. I’m sure my buddies from LPC will be happy to help, they usually have a booth at those events. I’ll check if there are classes or local rentals. You can also practice at the Sparks Marina.

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