Reno Startup Row – Community Spirit that Leads to Success

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The energy and the excitement in Reno Collective’s Entrepreneurship Press Conference was at peak. .  The conversation was about the startup community and collaboration. Everybody was talking about adding new jobs, boosting the local economy and the quality of life in downtown Reno.  There is a special family spirit on First Street that is being supportive by the Governor, EDAWN and Reno’s business community.

“We have all the ingredients here. We have the people. We have the energy. We have the university. We have local government and state government that going to support all this. I think that all of that coming together will make northern NV, Reno a very special place, where people would want to come work, live and play.”  Governor Sandoval

The opportunity is there – Reno Startup Row has the people, location, talent and collaboration to build a startup ecosystem. Now entrepreneurship in downtown Reno is officially recognized. The key ingredient to startup hub on First Street is an existence of a collaborative work place for entrepreneurs – The Reno Collective. Thanks to the energy of Colin Loretz – the founder Reno Collective, the collective team and the location next to Truckee River, startup community has a place to share ideas and enjoy the quality of workspace.

Mike Kazmierski from EDAWN is super supportive of the Startup Row and local entrepreneurship to change the business reputation of Reno. He talked about keeping companies in Reno for better economy, not just by dragging companies form other places, but helping local companies grow. Those Startups will yield jobs in the future. We also have the university and future talent. With those key ingredients, all we  need is funding. Joe Salesky from UsTyme , who assisted in funding of multiple companies in Silicon Valley also believes that the collective in Reno has a great opportunity for success. He commits to bring capital for startup development and incorporate UNR’s talent into the startup community:

“We just joined the advisory board at UNR in the Computer Science department. We are working with the department to evolve the curriculum to make both great engineers and great business people that can help build the economy of Reno.” Joe Salesky said.

It was interesting to see how the founders of local startups dedicated to collaboration in the same area of Reno. Nate Pearson the co-founder of Trainer Road talked about the benefits of working at the collective. Sharing ideas with some experts and designers creates a competitive spirit and pushes harder working. Due to the company growth they had to move out of the collective, but just two blocks away to be be part of the ecosystem.

Eric Jennings from Pinoccio is proud to operate in Reno. He encouraged Colin to move the space of Reno Collective to the current location and was the first to join the co-working space. He told that Pinoccio raised venture from out of town and that some of their employees are from out of Reno because it is a virtual company, but they plan hire 10 to 20 local employees.

Jim Elste form Inqiri, a startup company that focuses on improving business decisions making process is also proud to be part of Reno. Inqiri was founded in Reno and intend to stay in Reno. Jim explains what it means to be part of a startup community: “When you work with entrepreneurs, you work with people in the startup, you are working with smart, creative innovators. People that are passionate about what they’re doing, who are committed to what they’re doing in hard work. They are making great sacrifices to pursue their dreams.”

DSC00354 - Version 3Reno Startup Row has a good start, but there is still a lot of work to be done, said Colin Loretz. Reno Collective is located in a building that everybody can see. Banners with the collective logo will be hanged on First and Arlington streets. That way people from SF, Portland and other cities will know that there are startups in the area. The event ended by all companies and the Governor signing one of the Reno Collective banners. Reno has potential to be a nationally recognized entrepreneurial ecosystem. Follow my blog and discover what’s happening in Reno’s innovative world…


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