The Robot Age is Soon to Come – Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is becoming the new trend. If you don’t wear a tech piece of jewelry or accessory yet, I can assure that technology will be added to your wearable collection.  Technology trends are changing every few year and change the society. First the internet, then social media, smart phones and tablets, and now smart wearable technology is taking the stage. It is all about making our lives easier, since we all attached to our smart phones, a wearable device is a combination of both.

The new gadgets are popular for the early adopters and are bought in lotteries. The hottest technology wearables in the market are the smart watches. All tech leaders show off with few styles and they are many options in the market. Google Glass is another main actor on that stage, an Android version in a light frame that follows voice commands. While wearing those we can do anything and still be on the Internet, read social media, take pictures and videos, check the weather and use other Google Glass Apps. Those tech toys are not priced cheaply, Google Glass cost $1,500 and available to a number of participants in the Early Explorer Program, while smart watches run from one hundred to one thousand USD.

smartwatch The emerging trend draws events, conventions and even fashion shows. Last January at the International CES convention in Las Vegas smart technological accessories played a huge role. Smart watches came in many shapes and colors with different features. There are smart watches that monitor heart rate, kinds watches with GPS systems and few other styles described by Brian Chen in the NY Times article.

While wearable technology is only a part of International CES, a new Wearable Technology Expo is taking a place in London this March. All the big technology sharks and their CEO’s are attending this conference. Not only tech companies are carried away with the new trend, but also the fashion world presents stylish technological accessories. Iphone connected Jewelry and security alarm devices hidden in bracelets and necklace pendants.

I can write another blog about wearable tech jewelry, but for now you can read more about it in this article about tech fashion by Adario Strange at Mashable. I am curious to see the next phase of technology. Where are we going next from wearable tech devices? Is there a wearable tech piece that you think I must have? Please leave a comment if you do.


One Picture Worth Thousand Words – Quick Web-Merchandising Lesson

Quality product images are crucial for online product sales on your website or on a hosting eCommerce site. Product image is the first impression viewed by the consumer. Here is a brief lesson about image editing and products description for internal website usage and external eCommerce sites.

First step is getting the website running. Great web design and functionality should serve as a strong base and for a store frame. Now it is time to put product images in that frame. I am going to use a product page example that I created for a jewelry design firm. Product pages should be easy to operate and include fields for product title, price, and product description. Product categorization and links to related products should be also easy to operate.

Here are few easy steps on how to create product image and description:

1 – Lets Start with Photography – Of course you need a good camera with a macro lense, lightning and setup for macro photography. I also use anti-reflective dark colored background. In jewelry photography, I place the piece in the center and adjust the focus. Placing the camera on a tripod helps image clarity.

2 – Photoshop – Photo Editing – After uploading the images to photoshop, you can apply few easy steps of photo editing. Some cameras can upload the images automatically, while connected to the computer. The first step is to crop all the pictures at the same size to fit image size programing. Then I always enhance focusing and color shades as needed. The final step is saving the edited images and uploading them step by step by product category.

3 – Placement in Categories – Choose the category of the product first. Then fill up the title, product description, price and upload the image. It is better to set up an option where a product can be moved or copied to another category.

4 – Product Description – Product description should pop up in SEO results. It should also emphasize the uniqueness and value of the product. In my example the jewelry was made from authentic ancient coins. I researched and provided the story for each piece based on history with correlation to the coin jewelry related content.

5 – Special Offers and Sold Items – Additional marks like Sold, Special Offer and On Sale needed in product niche web-sales.

Here is how the finished product looks:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.26.08 PM

All images and product description should be saved and organized on your computer. That way you can easily use that content for sales on external eCommerce sites. Lastly, make sure that the checkout process is simple and quick and that the credit card processing system is safe. That was an easy web merchandising lesson. For similar product promotional tips please follow my website. If you have tips to share with me please leave a comment.